Let sleeping pigs lie

Bailey - 6 September 2009

Bailey - 6 September 2009

Tia - 6 September 2009

Tia - 6 September 2009


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  1. These pigs are so ugly they’re cute. My partner wants to get a pet Kune Kune, because he fell in love with our friends’ Kune Kune piglet that lives in their house.

    I keep saying, “But they get so big!” and “Okay, but no pigs in the house!”

    We’re in New Zealand so Kune Kune are all over. Who knows if we’ll get one, but I’ve got to show him your blog! And these BIG PIGS!

  2. Hi, Moon Over Martinborough, thanks for stopping by!

    You’re completely right: Kune Kunes can be ugly, though there are some pretty ones as well!

    My guys are big, but I mainly breed them for meat, so their size is an advantage! My lot come up half way between my knee and my hip – some are only knee-height.

    They’re great, though: very friendly, always pleased to see you, intelligent, happy….

  3. aww they do look lovely 🙂

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