We have piglets!

I’ve not blogged about this before, but thanks to the “temporary” closure of the local abattoir (since March!), I’ve been forced to keep Pinky and Curly long after they were meant to have shuffled off their mortal coil. And, as you’d expect with two pigs over a certain age, they’ve made babies…

Seven, in fact, who were born this morning:

Pinky and her newborn piglets - 20 September 2009

Pinky and her newborn piglets - 20 September 2009

Pinky's piglets - 20 September 2009

All in a huddle!

Pinky's piglets - 20 September 2009

The milk bar's open for business!

Unusually for Kune Kunes, all seven piglets are pink, though I guess that’s not so surprising, given that both Mum and Dad are pink. I had a good look and am pretty sure that four are male, with three females. And no, they haven’t got names yet – I prefer to wait until they’re at least 48 hours old before committing to names…

I dare say there will be more photos tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that they all have a good night 🙂


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  1. AW, what cute little guys.

  2. They are gorgeous. How soon could you tell that she was in pig ?

  3. Cute and gorgeous … and they know it!

    About two months ago, I had the awful realisation that I hadn’t seen her come into season for ages (normally every 21 days), and even as I thought about it, I felt Movement From Within…

    Of course, not knowing exactly when she was covered, I couldn’t begin to guess when she’s actually have them so have been constantly checking and for the past month have been convincing myself that she was going to pop any minute!

  4. Posted by welshpurpletree on 21 September 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Aww welcome to the world little piggies. Pinky looks like she has a lovely contented smile on her face. Do they feel as silky as they look?

  5. Everyone’s been commenting on her smug grin! They feel silky and soft – though they’re so skittish that you don’t get to feel them for long!

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