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Classy, guys, classy:

Bailey and Tia enjoy an apple - 21 September 2009

Bailey and Tia enjoy an apple - 21 September 2009

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  1. : ) what a fantastic photo !!

  2. I’m with Sandra. The photo is fabulous!

  3. Tia gagged on hers a few moments later and had to spit it out and eat it piece by piece, but Bailey uses his immense jaws to simply crush whatever he’s eating to pulp! It’s a shame he loves apples so much as he’d be a perfect cider press!

  4. Yeah, he might work as an apple press but who wants pig slobber in their cider? 😉

  5. eww pig slobber cider. Great photo would look for a photo competition someplace it should do well 🙂

  6. DM, if you drank enough, you wouldn’t care!

    VN, that’s a great idea, I’ll keep my eyes open 🙂

  7. Now why does my mind immediately think of ROAST Suckling Pig?
    great photo!

  8. Bailey, Tia, close your ears!

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