Stay-at-home Dad!

Mum (Pinky) went outside to do her thing:

Pinky - 22 September 2009

Pinky - 22 September 2009

Dad (Curly) was left in charge:

Curly and the piglets - 22 September 2009

Curly and the piglets - 22 September 2009

Luckily, he’s great with the piglets:

Now, if I can just arrange that Lottery win so I can stay and play with them all day…

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  1. blimey – how do you ever walk away ! – I bet they use a lot of time up 🙂

  2. I’m worried how much time I might waste when we get piglets 😉 . The ducklings are bad enough!!

    Rosie x

  3. Well, I talked someone into covering the tail end of my shift yesterday so I could sneak out of work early. Another month and we’ll go back to late opening (for The Season) so I can get my days back and work evenings instead. Each day, leaving and going to work is getting harder and harder, especially as they’ve started coming out of their ark and exploring the Big World…

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