The good news IS the bad news…

I had a missed call and an answer-phone message yesterday, announcing that my local abattoir is reopening after nearly six months. Since I’ve been calling them every few weeks to find out if they were any closer to reopening, they’ve put me on a ‘priority list’. Since I tried several times yesterday to return the phone call but was unable to get through, I rather think they’ve put half of south Wales on the list.

It’s the news I’ve been hoping for, but dreading at the same time.

I’ve got too many pigs and while the field is fertile enough to support that many during the summer months, now that we’re in autumn, the grass is quickly running out and I need to preserve some for winter.

Curly, Brini and Bailey are all on the To Go list. Pinky will be on there once she’s raised her piglets. Scrumpy keeps going on and then I take her off again. But the first three need to go this side of winter. I only have the freezer space for one at a time, so the order of departure is quite significant.

It doesn’t make much difference to the land if Curly and Brini are first on the list but if Bailey goes first, I can put Tia in with the other sows, thereby reducing the number of pig enclosures from three to two.

So today, I need to book him in. And I don’t want to because he’s My Boy and has never done anything wrong.

Bailey - 8 May 2009

Bailey - 8 May 2009

Once I’ve got The Date, I’ll put him and Tia on the last of the summer grass, make his last days enjoyable. Poor old boy…

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  1. Hi
    My name is Ciprian Dragu I am from Romania and i am orphan and disabled and i am intersted in one of your kunes i really love them and i would like one for my heart to keep me safe for not beeing lonley. Can you please tell me the cost of one and how small are they i need for my apartment in Romania and i hope they are freindly because i have a dog Beagle i hope they gett a long. Please write to me and give me same details

    Thanks Ciprian from Romania

  2. Hi Ciprian, I’m afraid that pigs really aren’t suitable as pets in an apartment. No matter what you might read about the latest fashion fads, pigs should be outside, where they can lie in the sun and root up the earth.

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