The Daft Brush strikes again

Yesterday evening, I was happily pottering about in the field, chatting to the pigs and generally enjoying the last of the day’s warmth. Midge was snuffling about in the long grass and Snipe … well, I hadn’t seen her for a wee while but the last time I did, she was in the middle of the field, by the path.

Suddenly, the peace of the evening was shattered when my phone rang.

A young, male voice asked “Have you got a Golden Retriever?”.

My first thought was that it was a very strange version of one of those phone calls.

Then I thought that Snipe isn’t a Retriever, she’s a Labrador.

Finally, the penny dropped and I managed to grasp enough common sense to say “Oh bloody hell, is she out on the road?”.

The young guy confirmed that she was and I peered through the gaps in the hedge until I spotted my missing dog with a middle-aged woman and two lads on mountain bikes.

It turns out that the woman had been driving past when she saw a dog sitting on the grass verge, looking quite content but very much alone.

I know that pose. It’s the one she uses when she gets half way across the field, decides she’s going no further, plops herself down in the grass and stays until I return, whether it’s five or fifteen minutes later!

She pulled over and Snipe greeted her happily (traitor!). The two lads chose that moment to cycle by, so she flagged them down (not having a mobile of her own) and one of them rang me…

The thing is, Snipe had gone wasn’t more than about twenty feet from where I was but having gone down the bank, across the stream and then up the bank on the other side, she’d clearly managed to lose herself and was therefore waiting to be rescued!

Snipe - 28 September 2009

Snipe - 28 September 2009

B often describes my dog as being “daft as a brush”. I generally defend poor Snipe but in this case……

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  1. Years ago Dear Hubby accidentally left out gate opened while he and a friend were hauling a few things out of the basement. They’d also left the upstairs basement door opened and Malcolm, being Malcolm wandered down into the basement, up the back steps to the outside and then out the gate.

    As soon as they realized MY dog was gone they went on the hunt. We live in the middle of the city–they were panicked and checking every back alley, street, yard, and porch they passed. They found my idiot dog sitting on a porch swing, on his back, all four fet in the air, enjoying a good petting by some woman. She remarked, “I knew someone would come looking for him, he’s so sweet.” At least they knew which direction to head because my numbskull dog would always go the same direction which was toward the ice cream store where we often took him for some…

  2. Clever Malcolm! Some dogs know how to live in style!

  3. I had a phone call like that when we first got our lab. I thought she was out in the garden, but she’d found a gap in one of the hedges and gone through several fields until she was half way down to Pencoed!
    We had to put fencing up along our drive and around a couple of the fields, which has put an end to her wandering, unless the bloomin’ postman has been (he ALWAYS leaves the gate open…grrr).
    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I’m hoping to get chickens soon and would love a couple of Kune Kunes for pets. 🙂

  4. Hi Jools, thanks for stopping by. Glad it’s not just mine!

    Chickens and Kune Kunes? Go for it! I had home laid boiled eggs for tea last night and they were delicious.

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