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Getting ready to say goodbye to Bailey

It’s an early start this morning as I’m taking Bailey to the abattoir in a few hours. After my last blog post on the subject, they rang me and said I could have a slot on their first “pig day” since reopening.

Today is the day.

I’m dreading it.

But I can’t afford to keep an infertile boar. Well, I can feed him but I simply don’t have the space.

But he has had a good life, especially (I like to think) in the time he has been with me.

Bailey - 30 September 2009

Bailey enjoys his Last Supper

I confess, I was somewhat soppy last night and gave him a Last Supper to make any pig happy: his usual pig nuts with some of his favourite treats added it for his pleasure. And pleasure it was! I took what was meant to be a short video of him noming down, but it ended up being over ten minutes as that pig took his time, savouring each and every mouthful! Poor Tia wasn’t at all happy, especially as Bailey chased her away several times!

Then, after the sun had gone down, I sat in the field with him, giving him one last belly rub, making peace with the fact that I’m sending this big hearted pig to his death, and that in a few days, I’ll be tucking into Bailey sausages…

This is the side of the so-called “Good Life” that isn’t pretty. It’s harsh and unfair and exposes the grim reality behind the sanitised meat counters in supermarkets where a pig is nothing more than selected cuts and sausages, where consumers can pretend that their pack of bacon fell from the sky, ready sealed for freshness.

The difference between Bailey and every other older, now infertile boar in the world, is that Bailey is loved and will be missed.

Does that make it easier or harder to turn him into sausages?

I’ll tell you in a few days…