It’s a good thing I like sausages!

I got Bailey back yesterday: approximately 50kg of sausages (pork and apple, pork and leek and plain gluten-free), 10kg of minced pork and 4 leg joints!

I had originally intended to get just sausages and mince, as older boars, especially those who have been used as working boars, have a very strong flavour which can be unpleasant in a roast, but perfect for sausages and burgers. However, J, who lives at the farm where I keep the pigs, talked me into keeping a leg or two as he reckons you can slow roast them for the perfect flavour. I thought that was nicely volunteered, as did his partner, C. As it turns out, I have run out of freezer space, so the leg joints are now residing in their freezer anyway… Fate, I think!

I have, naturally, sampled the sausages and think they’re delicious. Very delicious. Too delicious. If I start oinking, it’s not because of swine flu!

Thanks, Bailey. You were a good old boy and I promise you won’t go to waste.

Bailey - 4 June 2009

Bailey - 4 June 2009

(Actually, this post reminds me that I never wrote a review of my first taste of Kune Kune meat, when I sent Harold and Scratchy off in March. Must do that!)

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  1. I have freezer space! However, that’d be a long swim for you to retrieve them. 😉 Those sausages sound yummy.

  2. Posted by GG on 12 October 2009 at 10:38 am

    Mmm, pig I once knew.

  3. DM: Darn it!

    GG: Then eat him you shall 😛

  4. Oh, I’m soooo jealous. Thought you’d be making your own sausages though!

  5. Sadly, B (the OH) has been away for work and will be until January, leaving me to run the show. Sausage-making has been put on the back burner for now. However, I have got about 10kg of pork mince in the freezer, just waiting to be turned into burgers…

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