Tree dogs and odd dogs

There’s a lovely old tree in my field, which must have been wonderful as a climbing tree, back in its day. Sadly, it’s now getting to be quite rotten and although I have scrambled up its lower branches (being 30 is all the more reason to climb!), I daren’t go very high, just in case…

On a couple of occasions, I thought I saw Midge jumping out of the tree but thought I was imagining things.

Turns out that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me:

Midge the Tree Dog - 12 October 2009

Midge the Tree Dog - 12 October 2009

As for Snipe… Just don’t ask:

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  1. Posted by Jan on 13 October 2009 at 9:53 pm

    What? Dog jumping out of tree? Crazy! If Jasper (a Labrador) tried it I’d know I was going completely mad!

  2. What on earth has Snipe found? A mole maybe?

  3. Jan, ok, I’ll fess up, the trunk of the tree is actually two trees melded together so there’s a “step” about a foot off the ground… It sounds good, though, doesn’t it?!!

    JW, there’s nothing there! She just does that from time to time. It usually goes on for much longer and involves running round in circles but as you can tell from the video, we’d just had the first frost of the autumn so I wasn’t hanging round for long!

  4. Drammy used to do something similar – indoors! He (Golden Retriever as you no doubt remember) would stand perfectly still staring intently at the parquet floor (laid over concrete) with his nose almost touching the floor. After a minute or so he would move an inch or two and repeat the performance. There were moles at our old rural abode and we assumed that he must have heard them (or perhaps mice) under the floor.

  5. She’s a nutter!

  6. Jennie, I think I prefer your father’s take on the matter. There *is* rhyme and reason to her actions. It’s just that, as non-dogs, we don’t understand what they are…

  7. Nah, she’s just a nutter! No good getting all precious about it now, you’ve called her daft enough times yourself! (She’s a very lovable, cute and beautiful nutter though, if that’s any consolation!)

  8. Hee hee 😀

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