We’ve had a couple of frosts this month, nothing serious, just a dip closer to zero* rather than below. Personally, I love cold and frosty nights and days, from the crisp blue skies to the clear air to the way the frost sparkles and glitters in the sun. Not forgetting the fact that if it’s cold enough to freeze, it’s not raining 🙂

Of course I make sure the pigs have nice thick beds of straw in their arks (the chickens have their own feather quilted duvets and don’t need any help from me!) but the wildlife can suffer, as you can see in this photo:

Frozen! 12 October 2009

Frozen! 12 October 2009

* Celsius, for my American readers!

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  1. Brrrrr!

    Seeing that frozen flying critter makes me thing of the old movie The Fly. Can you hear that fly screaming heeeeelp meeeee as you gaze upon the picture?

  2. Posted by Jon Storey on 17 October 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Fascinating picture.

    I don’t mind the cold either, as long as it is dry. None of the animals like the wet, the donkeys won’t leave their shelter.

    Could do without the dark nights too, the hens take themselves off to bed at 6.30 now.

  3. Posted by Jan on 17 October 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Oh poor Daddy-Long-Legs! No frosts here yet, but the temp is down to 5 deg by morning, so it’s on its way!

  4. I spoke too soon. It was 1 degree when I arrived at the farm this morning, so probably hit the magic “-” overnight!

    DM: stop that, please!

    Jon: I don’t mind the dark nights so much, but agree 100% about the wet! BTW, I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading it properly when time permits 🙂

    Jan: Thank you! My brain has been searching for its name ever since I took the photo but kept drawing a blank! I hate it when that happens :/

  5. Posted by Granny Anne on 18 October 2009 at 12:06 am

    Agree with you. I quite like the cold weather, but can do without the dreary wet dark days. At least in the cold weather you can put warm clothes on. In the very hot weather I just sit looking at my swollen ankles and try to remember what it is like to be cool 🙂

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