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As cute as she may look when she’s curled up in her bed or sitting on your lap, Midge is a “real” Jack Russell Terrier, with razor sharp instincts and lightning fast reactions. She’s two and a half now, and in that time has killed more than her fair share of mice, voles and rabbits (and, sadly, chickens), not to mention all the toads she’s found in the field, which having found out what happens if you attack them, she won’t touch but still loves hunting! Oh, and there was the snake she found, but that’s a blog post for another day.

So yes, she’s a proper little terrier and never was I more pleased about that than yesterday afternoon when I spotted a rat at the farm! It heard my footsteps and sought refuge but having seen its hiding place, I ran and got the dogs. When it decided to take its chances and scuttled off at top speed for the hedge, Midge shot off after it and successfully caught and killed it in seconds!

Midge - 17 October 2009

Midge - 17 October 2009

Snipe, caught up in all the excitement but not knowing what to do, ran off and came back with a stick…