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I’ve just seen this on my dashboard:

As technology advances, mobile devices are playing a bigger role in our lives. Thousands of you have been using the iPhone and Blackberry applications to post and edit content for your blog, and over 60 million page views a month of blogs have been on mobile devices. New smartphones do a great job with most web sites, but older phones have many problems and may not display anything at all.

Today we’re launching a couple of mobile themes that will automatically be displayed when your blog is accessed with a compatible mobile phone.

The first theme is a modification of WPtouch and will be displayed to phones with modern web browsers like those on the iPhone and Android phones. The second theme was developed from an older version of the WordPress Mobile Edition and will be displayed to all other mobile devices.

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So there you go. If you view my blog on your mobile, things should look better or load faster, depending on how modern and funky your phone is!

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  1. Looks good, and loads very quickly!

  2. Hurrah! I still haven’t worked out what I get charged for using WAP so don’t bother using my mobile for anything other than photos, texts and calls.

    I really should sort that out!

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