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Stand up straight!

There was a soundtrack to my childhood, repeated daily – hourly! – that became such a familiar sound it just went in one ear and out of the other.

Stand up straight! Stop biting your nails! Tidy your bedroom!

I finally stopped biting my nails in my late twenties and am perfectly comfortable with the fact that I am not one of the world’s Tidy People but never gave the idea of standing up straight a thought, let alone a second one, until I saw this photo of me:

Jo - 18 October 2009

Jo - 18 October 2009

The camera is level.

It’s me that’s wonky.

So, after thirty years of slouching, I am finally listening to my mother and standing up straight. Head up, shoulders back, don’t stoop.

I know it’s working because my back muscles are screaming in protest.

And I know when I start to pitch forward once more because my back sighs with relief.

I have adjusted my car seat so I’m sitting bolt upright in that.

Even now, sitting at the breakfast bar, I have realised that I lean forward to use the computer!

I think this will take some time to correct but I am determined to do it.

Maybe it’s because I want to, and not because my mother’s nagging me, that makes it easier?!

Just don’t ask about the bedroom!