Stand up straight!

There was a soundtrack to my childhood, repeated daily – hourly! – that became such a familiar sound it just went in one ear and out of the other.

Stand up straight! Stop biting your nails! Tidy your bedroom!

I finally stopped biting my nails in my late twenties and am perfectly comfortable with the fact that I am not one of the world’s Tidy People but never gave the idea of standing up straight a thought, let alone a second one, until I saw this photo of me:

Jo - 18 October 2009

Jo - 18 October 2009

The camera is level.

It’s me that’s wonky.

So, after thirty years of slouching, I am finally listening to my mother and standing up straight. Head up, shoulders back, don’t stoop.

I know it’s working because my back muscles are screaming in protest.

And I know when I start to pitch forward once more because my back sighs with relief.

I have adjusted my car seat so I’m sitting bolt upright in that.

Even now, sitting at the breakfast bar, I have realised that I lean forward to use the computer!

I think this will take some time to correct but I am determined to do it.

Maybe it’s because I want to, and not because my mother’s nagging me, that makes it easier?!

Just don’t ask about the bedroom!

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  1. Posted by Jan on 21 October 2009 at 9:51 am

    I heard the stand up straight nag all my childhood too, and I’m still not very good at it. I too am trying to remember, as standing up tall really does help the ache in my neck!

  2. Wonky? I’ll have to take your word for it. So what brought on this sudden attack of deportment awareness? Is it going to be modelling school next?

  3. Jan, sadly any attempts on my part at standing “taller” aren’t likely to make much difference to my stature as compared to everyone else’s – unless I stand up on a box!

    JW, I’m fairly certain that my head should be above my shoulders, not a few inches a-head (gettit?!?!).

    I’ve started having a few aches and pains, but didn’t give them much thought until I saw the photographic evidence that my posture ain’t what it should be.

    As for the idea of modelling school – LOL!!!!! 😀 😀

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