A law unto themselves

As you would expect, our three cats have differing and distinct personalities.

Queenie keeps herself to herself, fighting off unwanted attention but never able to get enough … when she’s in the mood!

Horatio is a softie, gentle, loving and sweet.

Mac is a hunter, as much of a cat’s cat as it’s possible to be.

Mac, Horatio and Queenie - 29 April 2009

Mac (with his head popping up over the fence), Horatio (on the fence) and Queenie (on the top right on the wall) - 29 April 2009

At night, Queenie sleeps in her own bed and woe-betide anyone who gets too close.

Horatio would love to come under he duvet but is scared of the dark (!!) so instead curls up at the foot of the bed.

Mac is actually banned from coming under the covers on the grounds that he’s a sadistic little git who thinks that human feet exist to allow him to hone his hunting skills – stalk, pounce, disable using teeth and claws!

The ban worked well over the summer but now that it’s getting colder at night, I have discovered a fatal flaw. The so-and-so waits until I’ve fallen asleep and then climbs in beside me! So far, he’s been more interested in snuggling up than feet-baiting but that doesn’t stop me waking up whenever I feel his soft fur brushing up against me, just in case I have to call an ambulance or something!

Cats! Horatio would be the purrfect (sorry!) feline hot water bottle: why do I get the psycho?!

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  1. Posted by Jan on 23 October 2009 at 11:16 am

    I love Jasper lying on my feet on a winter’s evening, although he’s much too hot in the summer, but in bed…. no thanks!

  2. The dogs are extremely jealous and stare crossly at the cats on cold nights from their dog beds on the floor, but tend to behave themselves as they know they could be banished back to the kitchen if they put one paw wrong.

  3. Well at least you know that you have a psycho cuddling up to you so any attacks should not be as traumatic as if you did not know you had a psycho cuddle up .. better add psycho cat :-))
    Anyhow if you have not learnt by now that you are there to serve the cats every whim as their servant and slave then there is no hope for you!

  4. Posted by Jon Storey on 23 October 2009 at 4:45 pm

    I had once a cat just like Mac. There is nothing quite like having a set of bacteria laden fangs sink into your big toe at two in the morning!!

    Hilary´s cat disapeared a couple of years ago and mine was killed by a car a few months back, I really miss them.

    Though I am sitting here in my friend´s flat in Germany for a few days, being eyed up and down by Loki, a georgous ginger and white ex tom! I am strictly governed by my Jack Russell.

  5. Vetnurse, there is that, I suppose. Small comfort in the wee hours, though!

    Jon, sorry to hear about your cats. As much as mine drive me up the wall (don’t talk about the wicker laundry basket!), I would miss our three dreadfully if they weren’t here any longer.

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