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Horatio goes to the vet!

When I got up yesterday morning, it quickly became clear that all was not well with Horatio, B’s soft and cuddly cat. He couldn’t put his near foreleg to the ground, though an inspection failed to reveal the cause: no heat, no swelling, no obvious injuries, no bites or cuts… He still wasn’t using it by the time I’d fed the dogs, had breakfast, done the washing up etc, so I bundled him into the cat basket, drove to the farm and fed all the animals, and then took H to the local vet.

Typically, when he came out of the basket, all four legs seemed to be in perfect working order, though the vet did point out that the adrenalin from the shock of the car journey would have helped him there.

She took his temperature and said it was a unusually high, so gave him a couple of jabs (painkiller, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics) and sent us both away with a course of antibiotics.

I gave him the first tablet this morning and we’re no longer talking, mainly because he sank his teeth into my finger. Git.

Still, get better soon, H!

Horatio - 29 April 2009

Horatio - 29 April 2009