Indigestion, anyone?!

So, what do you do with leftover ham and turkey?

There are many answers to that question, but if your name is Midge, you’re a Jack Russell Terrier and you’re a greedy little so-and-so, the real answer is to steal and scoff the lot.

Midge feeling extremely sorry for herself - Boxing Day 2009

Midge feeling extremely sorry for herself - Boxing Day 2009

I am sure she feels a million times more miserable than she looks.

Well, I hope she does, anyway…

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  1. Oh boy l hope that she doesn’t start the 2 P over everything!! (pooping and puking) What gets me is that they won’t learn, given the chance when she feels well she would do identical again.
    Still hope that you had a good Christmas and all the best for the new year 🙂

  2. I think she’s just miserable… I hope!

  3. Posted by Jon Storey on 26 December 2009 at 7:14 pm

    I managed to keep my Jack Russells under control.


  4. LOL! I was too busy keeping an eye on Snipe. She’s a bit miffed that the JRT beat the Lab to the sneaky steal!!

  5. They set you up. Next time you’ll be watching Midge and Snipe will steal and scarf.

  6. Hmmm, I shall keep a close eye on them both!!!

  7. Posted by Jan on 27 December 2009 at 8:46 am

    I think I don’t know how lucky we are, although it has to be worse with two dogs as there would be the competetive element, but Jasper wouldn’t dare… I hope. Our chicken was left on the counter defrosting all night, without mishap, although I once had a dog that got a cooked chicken off the counter, pyrex dish and all, and buried bits of the meat all over the house, behind curtains, in the rubber plant etc.

  8. My sister’s lurcher managed the same sneaky trick – with similar after effects! But – on the bright side – your wee doggie saved YOU from having such after effects! LOL!

  9. I’m not convinced my friends see it quite that away, but Midge’s misery did provide enough entertainment to (mostly) negate the cause of said misery…

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