The obligatory ritual humiliation of small dogs

Midge is still in disgrace after her shenanigans yesterday with the turkey and ham, all the more so after putting up with an evening’s worth of theft-induced flatulence more suited to a fat hippo than a Jack Russell Terrier.

And so here is a second photo of Midge as she lay there suffering after her Boxing Night binge…

Midge - 26 December 2009

Midge - 26 December 2009

Funnily enough, she wasn’t hungry this morning…

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  1. Posted by Jon Storey on 27 December 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Well she looks content!

    Happiness is a contented, corpulent, culpable, flatulent Jack Russell!

  2. Yup l agree with Jon, you may think she is in disgrace, she knows she is plotting the next food theft err sorry takeover

  3. Jon, better that than a Labrador!!!

    Vetnurse, shhhhh, you’re encouraging her!

  4. I know that terrier look. “Ahhh, that was yummy.”

    It’s amazing how much gas can come out of one little dog isn’t it? Those noxious green clouds seem to follow you about the house don’t they?.

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