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Not hiding under the duvet

Well hello there. Gracious, it’s been a long time. Sorry about that. I have mostly been hiding under my duvet waiting for the world to vanish.

But you didn’t, and neither did I.

I’m told this is a good thing.

I’m also told that the fact I can’t see this is, is because it’s the depression talking.

(And that sentence doesn’t look right but I can’t be bothered to reword it.)

Um, I have lots of news, including a move and my experiences of mental health provision (good and bad), but I think I’ll leave it there since, if I’m honest, I’m starting to feel wobbly again. “Wobbly” is, if you are interested, an Official Description and is joined by others such as Bats and Basket Case, not forgetting the Headshrinkers and Floral Jumpsuits.

Til next time x