Farewell to the pigs

Yesterday was not a Good Day.

I took two loads of pigs to the abattoir, Curly, Pinky and Perky in the first load, then Tia and Scrumpy.

I pick the meat up on Friday.

Brini and Fergie were saved, because Fergie is too small and Brini makes an ideal companion for her as she is (a) kind to the little pig and (b) is not a natural-born trouble-maker. They are now living in luxury in east Somerset.

I cried when I got home.

Not a Good Day.

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  1. 😦 😦 so sorry They were so special to you. Crying’s good

  2. Piggies are happy.OH has checked them twice today.They love fruit!

  3. I too am so sorry to read this and can only echo what Sandra has said. Take care, Rosie x

  4. Posted by Jan on 2 February 2010 at 8:46 pm

    If it’s anything like saying farewell to a dog, you need lots of hugs and cups of tea, and you have my sympathy. I guess you knew it was coming, but that won’t have made it any better.

  5. I am sorry it happened as it did. They had a good life and it was quality that made it magic not quantity.

  6. I’m not surprised you were sad. I’m sad too and I’ve hardly seen them for months!

    Take care lovely

  7. Posted by ceebs on 2 February 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Shit, not good. hope your ok. hugs and sympathy on the way to you.

  8. Posted by Jon Storey on 2 February 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Sorry to read that you have had to let the pigs go in the end.

    One day there will be more and that will be a wonderful day. Best wishes.

  9. Hugs to you from me, DH, and the pups.

  10. Thanks, everyone.

    Gardening-girl, it’s good to hear that Brini and Fergie have settled in. And yes, they love fruit! I used to get the waste from my local greengrocer and the pigs loved every mouthful!

    Give them a back scratch and a fuss from me.

  11. I know it was hard; but you were brilliant.

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