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As I said in a previous post, I have recently moved house and for various reasons, left south Wales for Somerset, a decision which has taken me as much by surprise as my friends! Still, it’s a lovely part of the world – it reminds me of my home hills in west Wales, but has the advantage of firmly placing my mother on the wrong (right!) side of the Severn Bridge.

I am currently in the process of unpacking, which I suppose I should be honest about and describe less as unpacking, and more as opening lots of boxes, exclaiming in delight or horror at various forgotten items (some boxes haven’t been opened for years!), sorted the bedroom and the bathroom and then abandoned ship, leaving the living room and kitchen looking less like a living room and a kitchen and more like a post-nuclear disaster zone…

My aim is to finish before I decide to move again 😆

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  1. Past precedent would suggest that that is an unrealistic aim!! (love you by the way!)

  2. *blows a raspberry*


  3. Your there for ten plus years then : ) thats how long some of our boxes have remained unopened. !!

    good luck with the unpacking hope it feels like ‘home’ soon.

  4. Posted by compostwoman on 4 February 2010 at 12:22 am

    Much love and best wishes….

  5. [quote] My aim is to finish before I decide to move again [quote]

    Pah – no chance if you are anything like me. I still have boxes in the loft from a move 15 years ago and I’ve moved three times since then!! (Beat you Sandra!!!)

  6. Rosie: Nah just too embarassed to admit to the boxes unopened from previous moves : )

  7. You need the unopened boxes as coffee tables and so on. Never feel you should unpack it all…

    I have had boxes packed for my entire adult life, that have travelled widely without needing to be opened. Sadly a ‘rat in the shed’ issue did cull a few of their contents a few years ago!

  8. Posted by Jan on 4 February 2010 at 11:36 am

    Belongings in boxes… I don’t really want to talk about that subject! If you don’t get them unpacked then you will know you have the thing you want…. somewhere,., but not exactly where. So good luck with it, it’s a bit like Christmas rediscovering all your wordly goods!

  9. Yes, well, let’s not talk about the boxes that I’ve moved at least once a year for the past ten years (and the rest) without opening them once 😳

  10. You’d have to go some way to beat the ‘packing up and unpacking a broken stereo to FIVE different houses’ — as achieved by a friend!

  11. Posted by Jon Storey on 6 February 2010 at 11:54 am

    ‘Finish unpacking before you move again’ ?

    I always new that deep down you were an optomist!! 🙂

  12. Well, ha! to the lot of you!

    I have just three, yes, THREE boxes left. And one of them is my geek box, so that doesn’t count. I’m sure that cable fits something, I just don’t know what specifically…

    PS Rullsenberg: yes, that is impressive. I admire such dedication. I have just condemned my GCSE folders to the bonfire. How long ago was 1995 anyway?!

  13. My uni notes went in the recycling when we moved to France – not because I didn’t want them, but the mice had eaten a good chunk of them. I do like to think that we left behind some highly educated rodents 🙂

  14. Only three boxes left…. now you’re just showing off.

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