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Today was a washout.

4am: wake up
4-7.30am: doze, wake up, doze, wake up … repeat ad infinitum (and nauseum!)
7.30am: drink coffee
8am: walk (desperate) dogs
8.30am: finish coffee #2 and accompany Ally as she drops her kids off at nursery. Officially a Bad Day.
9.30am: collapse on sofa with a mug of tea and some toast
10am: get in the bath
10.30am: get back into bed
1pm: get dragged downstairs by Ally for lunch
2pm: Heather, my “care co-ordinator” (job title speaks for itself – an advocate rather than a counsellor) arrives. I’m still in a slump. Lose track of time. Next appointment in a week.

Later: go to doctor’s surgery, see nurse, see doctor, am put on antibiotics. Emergency doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. Back to see the nurse on Thursday.

Then: more tea, walk dogs

Now: collapsed on sofa with laptop and a promise to feed the hounds at some point this evening