Book Clubs and Fat Clubs

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m a regular poster on the Downsizer forum, a network of like-minded folk, all as mad as a box of frogs, whose interests range from poultry and pigs to knitting and felting to baking and gardening … the list is endless. Even more so when you throw in the non-downsizery topics of interest, such as everything and anything that I haven’t already mentioned…

As a result, I’ve joined two DS “clubs”, one to broaden the mind, the other to narrow the waistline.

I never got round to reading the first book up for discussion, The Lost Estate (Le Grand Meaulnes), by Henri Alain-Fournier, but I have promised myself that I will read Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand Of Darkness by the deadline at the end of March. Really, I will!

On the other hand, Fat Club (not my choice of name) is going a lot better. We’ve only just started, so it’s early days, but I was thrilled to discover that I lost two pounds in the first week. No, I don’t know how either, as I consumed more than my fair share of cake and chocolate. Luckily, the dogs need lots of exercise!

My aim is to drop a stone, which is a lot better than the four stone I lost the last time I gave my weight any thought, but even more annoying as a result. Standing on the scales, I had a strange sense of deja vu but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Hmm, I suspect it’s the cookie that holds the blame!

In other news, the books I bought with my Amazon voucher have turned up and I’ve made a start on Troy: Fall of Kings by David and Stella Gemmell. So far, so good 😀

I’ve also hit some of the charity shops in Taunton, that being the closest Big Town, and bought a load of crime books, from Jeffrey Deaver to PD James, as well as a couple of Robert Harris novels (Fatherland and Archangel, if you’re curious).

And … I bought a few photo frames, so my long-awaited project of framing my old photos has finally started to come to life. All I’ve got to do now is buy another twenty or so – and then make a start on printing off some of my 30GB of digital photos! 😯

Oooh, and being a thrifty sort*, I also picked up a pair of cord trousers (Wranglers, don’t you know!) for the shockingly low price of three pounds fifty in my charity shop escapade. Unfortunately, they’re a couple of inches too long so it’s a case of hoping that She-Who-Promised-To-Hem-Them-For-Me will indeed hem them for me, lest I be forced to have a go myself and end up with one leg several inches shorter than t’other…

But, before you roll your eyes and tut maddeningly, take note: I am going to have a bash at mending the pockets in my favourite jeans – I put my keys in them the other morning and was somewhat taken aback when I felt the cold metal slipping down my leg owing to the fact that said pocket is hanging on by a few threads too few, if you catch my drift?!

Hmm, just thinking about attempting to thread a needle is enough for me for the time being. Please excuse me, I’ve got ten books to make my way through…!

*Cardi, as some of you may being muttering under your breath…

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  1. “Downsizer forum, a network of like-minded folk, all as mad as a box of frogs”

    Ribbet – ribbet 😉

    And when you have finished that pocket do you fancy coming over here to sew a patch on my favourite jeans!?! Sadly I read the Downsizer sewing threads and wonder if I will ever be able to pick up a needle without either stabbing my finger or sewing what-ever I am wearing to what-ever I am trying to mend.

  2. Right back atcha!

    Erm … let’s assume that several days / weeks will go by until I stop thinking about the mending and actually start it 😆

  3. Posted by Jan on 27 February 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Mending does have a habit of piling up. Then I go mad and do it all, but that may take anything up to a year or so.

  4. I almost fell off my chair giggling–love the “mad as a box of frogs” what a lovely phrase. I even had to tell DH to give him a grin. 😆

    Maybe Jennie will make you one of her lovely lanyards for your keys–I use mine frequently.

    Still stuck in the house here with all the snow we’ve had and that means piling winter pounds on. I need to start losing them too. Good luck and happy reading!

  5. “Erm … let’s assume that several days / weeks will go by until I stop thinking about the mending and actually start it”

    THAT quick??!!

  6. I only have two pairs of jeans! Can’t wear the new trousers til the hem gets hemmed or I grow another two inches 😆

  7. I’d opt for the growing 2 inches or stuffing them into boots so no-one can see them 🙂

  8. Posted by Jon Storey on 28 February 2010 at 2:09 pm

    This is all sounding pretty good!

    Very good to hear…

  9. “I only have two pairs of jeans! Can’t wear the new trousers til the hem gets hemmed or I grow another two inches”

    If you really don’t want to sew them, and can’t find someone to do it for you, get some wonderweb hemming tape, then you can just iron the hems up – it sort of sticks them. There are also wonderweb patches, I think, if you’re desperate to avoid sewing up the pocket!

    I’d offer to make you a lanyard too, but I’d be a little concerned that Snipe might mistake it for a toy and choke you! Although if you’re willing to take the chance…!

  10. Jennie, you are my hero! Although … guess who doesn’t own an iron? Would a staple gun work as well?! 😆

    And I’m good on the lanyard front – my concerns are the same as yours 🙄

  11. I once stapled up the otherwise too long curtain across the front door – it lasted like that for ages!!

  12. You see, this is why we get on! 😀

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