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To knit or not to knit?

Ok, prepare yourselves for a shock. Are you sitting down? Is there someone on hand in case you faint?

I … have mended my jeans!

Yes, you read that right. On Sunday night I fixed myself a dinner of fish fingers and mashed potatoes (you love it, admit it) and settled down in front of an old favourite, Dead Poets Society.

Food eaten, coffee drunk, refilled and drunk again, I thought I’d better seize the moment and hey presto, one performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream later, not to mention a suicide, a scapegoat and one of the few endings to a film that has ever made me cry, my pockets were reattached to the denim. And no, I didn’t sew myself to them either…!

But that’s not all.

I have also been contemplating the notion of taking up knitting. I had a bash at it, many years ago, when I was at school. The rest of the class made the obligatory scarf, most moved on to hats, some then made gloves and one girl even made some baby clothes for a new cousin or something. Me? Well, at the end of term I was still on my practice piece… 😳 That was the last time I picked up any knitting needles, much to my mother’s disgust who was one of those annoying people who transform a ball of wool into something wearable just by looking at it. As a kid, one of my favourite jumpers was a light blue affair that she knitted. Not only did it have a horse’s head one the front, but the mane and forelock were in 3D, strands of wool coming out of the jumper.

Anyway, two decades after my last attempt, I’ve decided it’s time to try again.

Well, that was until I spoke to Jennie, who is herself a mad-keen knitter and maker of things you can wear – including a fabulous balaclava that made its way to me at Christmas. In fact, she’s so dedicated to her craft that she went to extra lengths to choose non-itchy yarn. Just don’t ask her how she knew it wouldn’t itch…

Being one of my closest friends, Jennie is someone I can always depend on to tell the truth and as we chatted on the phone, she started giving the matter some consideration. It became quite obvious that her thoughts had moved on from “hurrah, another knitter” when she suggested, in a loving and caring manner, that perhaps I ought to give crochet a try first.

When I asked her why, she paused and then informed me that crochet involves just one hook and that she had some concerns at the thought of me knitting, on the grounds that unless I was in possession of more arms than the average Homo sapiens, I was likely to get myself into any amount of trouble with a needle in each hand and a ball of wool to control…

Who needs enemies?! 😆