What’s in your bathroom cabinet?!

Last week was particularly rubbish – so much so that I had a home visit (yes, you read that right!) from one of the GPs at my surgery. I’d not seen him before but I liked him, mainly because he had a no-nonsense approach to people (“well, if that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel”) and didn’t bat an eyelid at the fact that having greeted him, Snipe firmly positioned herself between his chair and the bed, just in case. I love my dog!

Anyway, Dr T has put me on yet more drugs – but these ones have a street value, which being the country bumpkin that I am, amuses me no end. My bathroom cabinet is now home to Lorazepam (sleeping tablets and anti-anxiety) and Propranolol (anti-anxiety / panic). The Lorazepam doesn’t seem to work very well, or at least that’s my assessment of a sleeping pill that takes over two hours to knock me out. Unless it’s not meant to do that? Hmmm…

However, I am rather fond of it, if only because it’s the only thing I’ve taken thus far that I can actually pronounce 😳

In other news, I have got a psychological assessment thing coming up later in the month – and I am officially Sick And Tired of paperwork and forms.

AND … despite ordered broadband over a month ago, Talk Talk now tell me that mine won’t be active for another week or so. I now rather grumpy but was forced to conclude that even if I cancelled my order, I wouldn’t get broadband from anyone else before then, so I’m stuck with them. And horribly internet-less.


Talk Talk can, quite frankly, go and talk talk to my arse.

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  1. leaving a pebble ((o)) – just to say Hello
    xx gz

  2. Posted by JK on 12 March 2010 at 10:48 am

    I hear you re: paperwork. Am signed off sick so not working my notice period (handed in my notice because I’m far to bonkers to hold down regular working hours even if I do have a few good hours a week).

    Housing and Council Tax benefit application: check. Disability Living Allowance reassessment: uh-uh. Started doing it two days ago and managed my name and address before I was in tears. Exactly how is detailing my mental ill health in excruciating detail, along with every way in which it affects me, going to assist my being well? Still, if I don’t do it I’ll have even less money to live on…

    And not even thought about Employment and Support Allowance (ESA – the new Incapacity Benefit) – that’ll be a bundle of laughs to fill in. “Yes I’m finding it difficult to wash or bathe myself, go to the toilet, cook meals, dress myself. No it’s not because I can’t be bothered. Well, yes it is, but not because I *won’t* be bothered, but because I *can’t* be bothered. What do you mean “get a job”?” etc…

    Mini-rant over – just putting it out there to reassure you that the hardest part of surviving with a disability whilst out of work is dealing with the endless, endless paperwork… /sigh

    Chin up! 🙂 /hugs x

  3. Thanks, gz, right back at ya!

    And JK, I feel your pain. I couldn’t do any of mine, we went to CAB in the end and a lovely man called Harold or Henry or Hugo or something did mine for me.

  4. Hey sounds like your bathroom cabinet could make you some bucks back in Ceeerdiff if all else fails.

    Glad Snipe’s looking after you too – keep on writing!

  5. Posted by EV on 12 March 2010 at 11:47 am

    Glad to see another post, been thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on.

  6. Posted by Jon Storey on 12 March 2010 at 3:38 pm

    A GP home visit eh? People have got medals for less..!

    Talk Talk are crap! They have bought Tiscali, which is bad news as they were pretty good, looking for someone else now. Unfortunately I seem to live in the only part of the civilised world that BT haven’t opened up to the opposition so the search goes on!

    There now, ‘that good news’ will certainly see you back to your bed, but I feel better!

  7. Lec, Snipe’s been fab. She even (get this) jumps on to the bed in the middle of the night, just in case I need a cuddle!!!

    EV, thanks – only one more week to go and then I should (she says with a hopeful grin on her face) be back in the land of the living. As it were. Ribbit ribbit.

    Jon, you lot are meant to be cheering me up! 😆

  8. Oh good, glad you got the psychological assessment thingumy coming up, cos wasn’t that what you thought you’d have to wait ages for? Well done to Snipe, although I don’t think Jasper would be so loyal and perceptive!

  9. i have none of those drugs in my bathroom cabinet, mind you, to be fair,, i dont have a bathroom cabinet…

    thinking of you 🙂

  10. Jan, sadly, no, this is a different one. The therapy starts in June, so I’m told … the March thing is an assessment linked to my benefits.

    lol @ CIG 😀

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