Mmmm, waffles!

I had a mixed reception to the post this morning. On the one hand, there was the council tax demand (£1000 for a one bed annexe? Really?) and a letter from Sparky informing me that I’ve got an appointment with the CPN later this month, just a few days after my appointment with a head shrinker from the DWP, and that my therapy isn’t due to start until June.

On the other hand, there was also a rather unexpected parcel, which travelled all the way from Cardiff. She might be a rotten tease, and not only knows far too much about me, but gleefully uses said knowledge against me for her own amusement, but I have got one hell of a good friend in a certain author of Jennieworld Today.

As well as a crochet hook, two whatsits of yarn and detailed instructions that I’m assuming even a numpty like me can follow, she also sent me a bag (fairtrade,no less) to keep said objects safe from Snipe’s “ooh, new toy” mentality, which presumably explains the dog treats (posh ones!). And a large bar of Divine chocolate. And a box of Fingers. And a pack of waffles 😀

Yup, Jennie is a wonderful human being, especially since she took the time to write a note on the labels of the yarn specifying which one should be used for dishcloths and which one should be used to make a scarf… 🙄 😆

Thanks, Jennie. Hurry up and buy that train ticket, you are very much missed xx

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  1. Shitty bill (can’t possibly be right, can it? We pay less for the flat) but I’m glad you liked the box. xxx

  2. What a great friend Jennie is! Good luck with the crochet… I’ve never tried.

  3. Council tax is often higher in the country because London boroughs receive a generous subsidy.

    Wish somebody would send me a fairtrade parcel, but with the emphasis on chocolate. Still, crochet could be fun.

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