Not that I spend any time talking to myself or anything, but I have come to the conclusion that either I slur my words – or Midge needs her ears cleaning out.

She is a keen hunter of El Rodent and gets extremely excited whenever you say the R word. So I tend to avoid it, which is yet another good reason to be grateful that Roland Rat is off the airwaves…

Anyway, like I said, not that I spend any time talking to myself or anything, but it turns out that in addition to the usual rhyming suspects (“Snipe, put down my hat. Immediately!”), Midge was also driven into a ratty-frenzy the other week when I tried to dissuade the Yellow Buffoon from treating the living room as her own private playpen (“Snipe, for crying out loud, calm down and relax!”) and then again when I was pondering the contents of my fridge (“Oooh, I’ve still got some of that chilli sauce left. Pasta for lunch!”).

If this continues, I suspect that there will be one of two possible outcomes. Either I’ll go (even more) potty or the R word will lose all meaning and peace will descend. Two days later, I will, of course, be faced with an rodent infestation of Hitchcock or King proportions…

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  1. Jo, you’ve got two dogs in a mini-flatlet. Peace is never going to descend I am sure! Enjoy the chaos that is life with dogs 🙂

  2. ps ours can tell the time and now start watching me from 5pm to see when I take my glasses off. That MUST mean I’m gonna turn the laptop fast and run out of the house for the biggest walk of their lives – super Exciting! Time to do spins around the living room….

  3. Posted by JK on 26 March 2010 at 7:46 am

    Thank you, sincerely, for making me LOL! xx

  4. My two can spell…life with dogs, never a dull moment.

  5. Lec, mine start bouncing if it’s daylight and I close the lid of the laptop! If it’s dark, they ignore the sound, but if it’s still day but the closing-of-the-laptop-lid is followed by refilling-of-the-kettle, they go back to bed 😆

    JK, you’re welcome, hon, anytime!!

    DM, that’s just scary. They spell? As in w-a-l-k? Or more something complex?!

  6. They can spell w a l k, p i z z a, b a n a n a, b e d, d i n n e r, o u t, h u l a h o o p, t o y, b o n e, and about 20 oither words. REAL scary!

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