Doggy emergency

Earlier this afternoon, I had to perform an emergency operation on Snipe and removed a thorn from her pad.

We were walking in the top paddock when I noticed that she was limping. Much against her will, since she knew what was coming, I persuaded her sit down and had barely begun to examine her foot when she started whining and whimpering in her classic I’m-not-a-wimp-but-it-would-hurt-less-if-you-just-cut-off-leg style that she saves for occasions such as this.

Eventually, it all became too much for her and she lost the use of all four legs, rolling over onto her back, telling me that I had her permission to do what I must, she wasn’t going to survive anyway…

I quickly plucked the offending thorn from her pad and the relief on her face was almost human.

She celebrated by going completely insane and raced back and forth in the way that only Labradors who have been plucked from the jaws of death are able to.

In fact, a bit like this video I took of the two dogs last May:

Everyday, I hope that Snipe will do something to refute her image as the world’s most idiotic dog.

Still, I guess tomorrow’s another day…

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  1. Posted by Jan on 3 April 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Ah poor Snipe! The video had me chuckling, but all dogs have to have a mad half hour now and again, and at least it wasn’t inside the house!

  2. Posted by Jon Storey on 3 April 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Snipe is a Lab, you will be a long time waiting…. Love the video!

  3. Posted by compostwoman on 3 April 2010 at 11:47 pm

    Hurrah! You saved poor Snipe’s life!!!!!!

    well, thats how a Lab would view it….!

  4. @Jan – sadly, each afternoon she has a mad half hour in the house, racing round the living room, up the corridor, into my bedroom and either crashes into my bed or jumps on it, depending on her reflex/speed ratio 🙄

    @Jon – I know! Depressing, isn’t it!!

    @CW – to express her undying gratitude, this morning she woke me with a big, sloppy kiss 😆

  5. Poor Snipe, to have thornectomy and no anesthesia, how barbaric!

    Patty saves up the mad dashes for in the house…Right now she and Gavin are disgusted with me, they got baths. I’m exhausted. Bathing two 65 lb dogs who hate baths is no easy task..

  6. You have my sympathies. Neither of my two like baths, either, but at least Snipe’s 30kg is nicely contrasted by Midge’s 4.5kg… 😆

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