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The obligatory ritual humiliation of small dogs

Midge is still in disgrace after her shenanigans yesterday with the turkey and ham, all the more so after putting up with an evening’s worth of theft-induced flatulence more suited to a fat hippo than a Jack Russell Terrier.

And so here is a second photo of Midge as she lay there suffering after her Boxing Night binge…

Midge - 26 December 2009

Midge - 26 December 2009

Funnily enough, she wasn’t hungry this morning…

Indigestion, anyone?!

So, what do you do with leftover ham and turkey?

There are many answers to that question, but if your name is Midge, you’re a Jack Russell Terrier and you’re a greedy little so-and-so, the real answer is to steal and scoff the lot.

Midge feeling extremely sorry for herself - Boxing Day 2009

Midge feeling extremely sorry for herself - Boxing Day 2009

I am sure she feels a million times more miserable than she looks.

Well, I hope she does, anyway…

Nadolig Llawen…

…and all that jazz

Snipe - 21 December 2009

Snipe - 21 December 2009

I hope you and yours have a lovely day.

Your services are required!

One of the blogs I read is in need of your help! Doggonedmysteries wants to make the magical target of 50,000 hits by the end of the year … but needs an extra push to get there.

So go on, click here and see what’s going on in her world.

Now that’s what I call Christmas decorations!

I don’t “do” Christmas. I’m neither Scrooge nor Grinch but I can’t stand the uber-hype at this time of year, the overspending, the I Want, Must Have culture that can’t be good for anyone’s health or happiness. Considering it’s meant to be a religious festival (but only coz they nicked the idea from the Celts etc), although I’m about as religious as a paper bag, I find the gluttony and greed that seems to rule this time of year to be sickening.

So … I don’t “do” Christmas.

But I would do these decorations:

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight...

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight...

They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games...

They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games...


Via Doggonedmysteries!

A big thank you!

I received some wonderful gifts this year and most have already been put to good use. Just before Christmas, I traded in My Nintendo Wii for a DS (the Wii sat in its box for eighteen months so wasn’t exactly being put to good use) and B got me the SimCity Creator game and one of the guys at work was very naughty and gave me Professor Layton and the Curious Village, which is a series of puzzles. I’m currently stuck and am now hopelessly addicted to SimCity so the question of how to move three wolves and three chicks across the river, with no more than two animals on the raft at any one time but at least one animal on it to make it move – but if you have more wolves than chicks on either side of the river, the wolves will eat the chicks, will just have to wait until my city has at least 20,000 inhabitants….

As well as the copy of The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour, I was also given a vast array of hats, gloves, waterproof trousers, socks and other practical goodies like the radio torch from B, all of which look set to make life outdoors a bit easier 🙂

B also got me a Shining Stars toy, which lets me name a star. I’m trying to think of a good name for my star so haven’t done anything about it just yet but it’s quite a cool thought – next time you wish upon a star, it could be one I’ve named!

Other gifts included books and book tokens (hurrah!) and enough chocolate and other Christmas goodies to keep us going until well into 2009. Especially after last night’s feast (ie binge) at Jennie’s last night…

And then there’s my glass pig from Granny Anne. She knows me too well! Little pig is currently nameless so any suggestions would be most helpful!

Thank you!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas 🙂

No snow but thanks for the sun!

I’ve just realised that despite the lack of snow this Christmas, next year it is going to rain. Not just rain, but tip it down.

How do I know?

It’s been blue skies and sunshine two years in a row:

The view at Mum's - Christmas Day 2007

The view at Mum's - Christmas Day 2007

Sunset at the farm - Christmas Day 2008

Sunset at the farm - Christmas Day 2008

Having fun at Christmas

Happy yuletide and all that!

Did you have a good day? Did Santa bring you your heart’s desire? Or were you too naughty…?!

I bet you didn’t have as much fun as my lot:

Snipe - 25 December 2008

Snipe - 25 December 2008

Snipe, Mac and Midge - 25 December 2008

Snipe, Mac and Midge - 25 December 2008

I received lots of lovely presents which shall have their own post tomorrow when things return back to normal (well, as normal as they ever can when you live in Cardiff but keep pigs…)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

The little things that aren’t worth blogging about on their own

  • I have moved the chickens to a new patch of grass. They’re not happy as they can’t hang out under the old apple tree any longer.
  • Some bastard has swapped all the frost for mud. This exchange sucks.
  • Tia and Scrumpy dug up an old saw in their enclosure. I’ve told them to find something very old and then all our money problems will be over!
  • The weaners have settled in well and I think mum’s enjoying having pigs back again.
  • Don’t say anything in case she finds out, but Midge is currently eating a bowl of Tesco Value dog biscuits instead of her usual branded ones. Is this the breakthrough I’ve been hoping for? Probably not…
  • There’s a few (non-Christmas) things that I’ve forgotten to buy but I don’t know if I can be bothered to brave the shops this side of Christmas. It’s bad enough that I work in one…
  • Having not watched a single second of the X Factor, I’m amazed at how good the winner’s voice is (no idea what her name is). I wish Terry Wogan and Aled Jones had done better though. Still, that’s one hell of a lot of money raised for Children in Need 🙂
  • Cookie and Squeak have settled in well and their new owners (and their kids) sound completely enchanted by the pair. Hurrah!
  • We have a Christmas tree!
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Too quiet

It was very quiet up at the farm when I arrived yesterday morning. Tia and Scrumpy greeted me with their usual grunts and calls for breakfast, as did Bailey and Brini but the silence from the weaners’ enclosure was eerie.

On Thursday, I delivered Cookie and Squeak to their new home where they’re going to end up as the most loved and pampered pet pigs in Wales and took the rest up to Mum’s, where they will spend the rest of the winter. She thinks she’s got a buyer for a pair of gilts and the rest will go into the freezer, having grown quite nicely in the 5 acre field that they’ll have all to themselves. Apart from Fergie, who will return to us when the weather warms up in the spring as she now belongs to B!

She was meant to be The Big Surprise on Christmas Day but I inadvertently sent a text to B which was intended for Jennie, which revealed the grand plan and was too direct to leave any wriggle room.

Modern technology has a lot to answer for!

B was thrilled and can’t wait to get her back in the spring – and it’s not as though I was going to wrap her up and put her under the tree, but I can’t believe I did that!!

But the field is still too quiet and it is going to take a while to get used to it 😦