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At last, new wheels!

Well, it’s only taken several weeks (!!) but I’ve finally got a new set of wheels… and they even come with an engine and seats and other car-like things!

Amelia the Citroen Picasso - 9 May 2009

Amelia the Citroen Picasso - 9 May 2009

Amelia (named thanks to her number plate) is a Citroen Picasso, not my initial choice but the car’s had rave reviews and I’m anticipating some good miles to the gallon. She’s very spacious and the dogs fit comfortably in the boot with plenty of room to spare. I’m going to invest in a full height dog guard, then I can put the back seats down and use the floor space to cart the pigs’ veggies, bales of straw etc.

There’s no tow bar yet, but that’s being fitted next week. I’ve noticed a couple of things that the garage were meant to have sorted, so I’ll be going back tomorrow to get them fixed, but the miles I’ve done so far have gone really well. She’s very comfortable to drive, very smooth and quiet. She invites you to sit back and enjoy the ride, which I certainly intend to!

Hurrah for having new wheels!

Now I’ve just got to talk my insurance company into paying me the true value of my Suzuki, not the paltry 50% they are currently offering me!