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Google Chrome

After wongablog’s reassurances, I’ve been trying to get Google Chrome up and running but have failed miserably. At first, I couldn’t install it on my account so I logged out, logged back in as the administrator and installed Chrome without any problems.

Yay, thought me.

So I logged out, logged back into my account and … couldn’t find Chrome anywhere.

After a bit of fiddling with the firewall, I finally managed to download it into my account but have thus far failed to get Chrome to connect to the internet. As you can tell from this post, Firefox works without any problems and a quick (and reluctant) test with Internet Explorer proves that my connection is a-ok.

I’ve been through the Chrome help pages and found them to be as useful as a wet paper towel in a flood, and as easy to navigate as an upside down map of the wrong city.

FirefoxSo until this bug gets sorted, I’m sticking with Firefox which has never let me down, even if each add-on slows it down. And if the whole thing crashes coz of one lousy tab. Come on, FF, you can do it!