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Making some time for the DS

Last week, I treated myself to two new games (well, one really, as they were BOGOF) for my DS Lite and yesterday afternoon, having carried numerous sacks of yuck (you don’t want to know) over to the compost garden, I settled myself down for a wee while to see what they were like.

Being me, I really enjoyed Roller-coaster Tycoon on the PC but was extremely disappointed with the DS version, Theme Park. It seems to be lacking all the features that I enjoyed, almost a highlights version rather than an properly adapted game. Sad face!

Still, I’ve got another couple of games that I’m not overly fussed with (Sim City and Brain Training) so at least I can trade them in for something else. I’ve got my eye on Mario Bros, Sonic or Lego Star Wars, so my games should (I hope) give me enough to get one of them.

CSI Dark Motives

CSI Dark Motives for the Nintendo DS

Luckily, I only got Theme Park as the second game in the offer. My real choice, CSI: Dark Motives, is fantastic and highly addictive. It’s also extremely frustrating and I’ve already been forced to turn to some hints and tips on the internet, even though I’m only on the first case! Hmmm, maybe it’s a good thing I never trained to be a crime scene detective!

Bring on the next rainy day, I know what I’ll be doing!