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Settling in

Now that I’ve unpacked, the dogs are starting to settle into their new house and routine. Snipe loves the orchards, which my landlords have said I can walk the dogs in. Midge, on the other hand, is in disgrace as she took herself off for a walk the other day … into the neighbouring farmer’s field! So she is now resigning herself to life on the lead, not least because there’s easy access to both the main road and the railway line!

Snipe - 11 February 2010

Snipe - 11 February 2010

Midge - 11 February 2010

Midge - 11 February 2010

I took them on a three mile walk yesterday and was pleasantly surprised this morning to discover that my legs don’t ache at all. I consider this a victory, though I admit I took a downhill route…!

Tree in the orchard - 11 February 2010

Tree in the orchard - 11 February 2010

My bad days consist of hiding under the duvet. Better days involve watching DVDs, attempting to read (I have concentration issues 😦 ) or playing Civilisation IV to distract myself. Good days involve walking the dogs aimlessly, enjoying my new home in the Somerset hills.

Sunset over the orchard - 11 February 2010

Sunset over the orchard - 11 February 2010

Quite what I’ll do if it buckets down with rain on a good day is anyone’s guess!

Setting up home

As I said in a previous post, I have recently moved house and for various reasons, left south Wales for Somerset, a decision which has taken me as much by surprise as my friends! Still, it’s a lovely part of the world – it reminds me of my home hills in west Wales, but has the advantage of firmly placing my mother on the wrong (right!) side of the Severn Bridge.

I am currently in the process of unpacking, which I suppose I should be honest about and describe less as unpacking, and more as opening lots of boxes, exclaiming in delight or horror at various forgotten items (some boxes haven’t been opened for years!), sorted the bedroom and the bathroom and then abandoned ship, leaving the living room and kitchen looking less like a living room and a kitchen and more like a post-nuclear disaster zone…

My aim is to finish before I decide to move again 😆

The first of the first

Today, cameraless but gloved and booted, we took the dogs for a walk, revelling in the crisp air, the still frozen grass, the bright sunshine… Ok, so the wind was a tad in the chilly side, and there was that slight incident where I was too late to stop Snipe rolling in what she viewed as delightfully fresh dung (yes, again!), and there’s the fact that we had the same thought as half of Somerset, but we managed to find a less-populated path and for the most part, had the hillside, sun and spectacular views to ourselves.

Not a bad way to start the new year, notwithstanding the car journey home with Snipe and then washing her…


I’m currently staying with friends in Somerset while I put things back together. It’s raining today so the view across the valley is obscured by interminably grey clouds, which is a shame as I’ve spent a lot of time leaning against the fence or sitting on the roots of some of the ancient and wise trees, just staring at the hills and fields, watching the steam train chug across the valley floor, revelling in the peace and silence, and being comforted by the knowledge that I am simply the latest in how ever many thousands of years to look over the same valley, that my fears and hopes aren’t that much different to those who have gone before me, or who will come after me.

I haven’t taken any satisfactory photos of the view, which is probably a good thing as it’s something to experience at the time. A photograph couldn’t possibly capture the emotions that the view inspires, at least not for me.

But here are some others that I’ve taken.

Somerset - 27 December 2009

This is the hill that I let the dogs run loose on. Midge has thus far failed to catch any rabbits, despite her best efforts. Snipe, in turn, has also failed in her deer hunting quest, though she has eaten more than her fair share of deer poo...

Snipe - 27 December 2009

Snipe takes a quick break after running up and down (and down and up and up and down...) the hill fetching sticks...