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A waste of a day

I had an appointment yesterday at the dentist. Only trouble is, it was with my old dentist where we used to live, some hundred miles or so away. But the distance seemed like a good thing, when you consider that one of my teeth has imploded. Only trouble was, I got there to discover that my dentist is ill and all her appointments had been cancelled. Everyone had been informed by post. Mum never forwarded my post so I did a two hundred mile round trip for nothing.


On the plus side, I stopped off at Wilkinson’s en route and stocked up on dog and cat biscuits, dog chews, cat nip and those elusive tins of Go Cat as a treat, and even more dog chews. Did I mention the dog chews?

And I also went into the Pound Shop and got myself a snuggly scarf and some wooly insoles for my wellies. The nest time it gets cold, I intend to be nice and warm.

Trouble is, I could have done all that in Cardiff instead of driving all the way to West Wales.

Ho hum!

Not as young as my teeth…

… but they feel one hell of a lot older than me right now! For almost a week now, I’ve had a constant, nagging toothache that has every so often stretched all the way from my temple down to my neck, detouring to include my eye and ear. Needless to say, I have not been a happy bunny, so my apologies to anyone who has been caught the sharp end of a particularly throbbing moment!

I have tried several means of beating the pain down, from ibuprofen to (and I can’t believe I did this, yuchy yuchersome yuch yuch) lemsip. Then B suggested getting some soluble paracetamol and gargling that around the affected area. Asda didn’t have any paracetamol but they did have asprin for 24p so I’ve been gargling that since yesterday morning (not the same glass, you understand) and lo and behold, it seems to be doing the trick. So long as I drop another couple in a glass every six hours or so, all is good. Huzzah!

I’ve got an appointment with my NHS dentist in November so will hang on til then as I don’t fancy trying to find an earlier appointment anywhere else. I mean, where else is there?!